Our Students Today, Our Leaders Tomorrow

Creating Profitable Workforce Solutions in Warren County

Warren County Workforce Initative

Partnering with Local Schools to Prepare our Students

In 2018, United Way of Warren County launched a yearlong Workforce Development Initiative that gives high school students and recent high school and college graduates opportunities to connect to potential employers. In 2020, United Way partnered with Lead Training and grew the program to partner with 8 school districts and over 1,500 high school students. This program is now overseen by Lead Training. Contact information can be found below.

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  • Touring various worksites
  • Insights from participating employers
  • Salary and benefit trends
  • Entrepreneurialism
  • Inter-relatedness of regional, national and global economies
  • Career opportunities and pathways
  • Info on required professional development and education
  • Individual and group projects
  • Developing business communication skills

Interested in Learning MORE?

Contact: Riley O’Grady

Executive Director of Lead Training

Phone: 937-694-4733

Email: riley@lead-training.org

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